Weekly Classes all at Seattle Yoga Lounge.

Monday | 12 pm Power Vinyasa | 5:15 pm Power Vinyasa 

Tuesday | 5:15 pm Power Vinyasa | 6:45 pm Slow Flow

Thursday | 6:45 pm Foundational Vinyasa 

Saturday | 8 am Level Two Vinyasa

"Be interested in the process not the outcome."  -Annie
Elvis Garcia truly embodies what it means to be an authentic teacher of the practice. Through his classes, Elvis provides opportunities for students discover integrity in their asana practice and have fun while exploring the intricacies of alignment and movement. Elvis is highly skilled in the understanding of sequencing and transitions, constantly working to keep his students safe and able to practice for years to come. Elvis’s classes are intense and difficult, yet playful and light hearted. Elvis not only provides space for students to deepen and strengthen into their physical bodies, but he also puts forth an unmatched incredible compassion for students and passion for living the path of a yogi. Elvis truly practices what he preaches inside and out of the yoga studio. His dedication to living the path of a yogi truly shows in his presence, both in in a studio environment and in everyday encounters.
— Nicola B.