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Flight teaches you to look at daily yoga poses through the lens of the handstand. You will learn how the poses you do in your everyday practice can be used to train a handstand.

This series combines strength drills and progressions with everyday yoga postures to help you develop the strength, concentration, and muscle memory required to balance on your hands and ultimately move into handstand. No previous handstand experience is required for this plan. You will use the basic foundational yoga poses, such as downward facing dog, to learn handstand basics and build confidence before ever going upside down.

Flight includes eight classes that are intended to be practiced in order. The first three 15-20 minute drill classes promote strength and teach you proper shoulder, spine, and core alignment for handstands. You will take your learnings from these drill classes and apply them in a 60-minute flow class. The second half of this plan targets L-shape, tuck, and handstand in three, short drill classes. Flight ends with another 60-minute flow class to solidify your learnings.

Balancing in a handstand will test your strength, concentration, and patience, but those who dare to take off will benefit from a whole new perspective. Flight is ideal for beginner to intermediate yogis who want to learn to balance on their hands.


What are people are saying about Flight

My first ever tuck jump away from the wall. Thank you Elvis for making scary poses not so scary. Love this plan! 💗 🙏
— Cody Member Anastasiia Telegina
70% tuck success rate. That’s more than I imagined. Been feeling shaky and weak for a few days but this class kinda brought me back! It’s truly been a pleasure to practice through this plan. I will revisit this class in the future, for sure!
— Cody Member Daniel Milve
I like this class very much as it’s not so about building strength but rather intelligence in the body.
— Cody Member Elodie DUCREY-BOMPARD

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To float requires strength, control, and practice. This series is filled with drills, progressions, and floating-themed flows to help you develop the muscle memory, balance, and confidence to become weightless in your vinyasa practice.

Float contains eight classes. The six 15-20 minute lessons teach basic shapes and techniques to build strength and stability. They are the perfect length for those looking for instructional content that is both thorough and thoughtful. With drills that are modifiable and progressive in nature, these classes will grow with you as you repeat them over time. The foundational techniques practiced in the six classes are woven into the two remaining 60-minute flows. This allows you to play with and apply your growing skills in relevant sequences.

This series is ideal for multiple experience levels. Existing yogis who are just embarking on their inversion journey will reap amazing benefits from drills specifically designed to build the skills and confidence needed to float. More advanced practitioners who already have arm balances and inversions will deepen their physical practice and learn how to incorporate floating into their vinyasa.


Flow is not just a way of moving, it is a way of being. To flow is to listen closely to your inner truth and courageously manifest your dreams. You have the power to tap into this flow at any time. When you tap into your flow, it will change your life just as it has changed ours.

TheFlowLife is a lifestyle that embraces the practice of yoga every day. We are intent on helping you discover the best version of yourself, and in this plan you will witness how yoga can enrich every facet of your life.

Included are six videos that are carefully sequenced and designed to help you explore your strength, your motion – your flow. Our classes are intuitive, soulful, well balanced and creative. You will understand how to move your body in a nourishing way, and you will see things inside yourself that you never knew were there.

All you need is your body, your mind and your yoga mat. Share in the journey with us.

Let’s live TheFlowLife.

Single Classes on Cody

Hamstring Release

Classic Hip Openers


This class is short and sweet and right to the point. We will explore the structure of Downward Facing Dog through our upper legs, and work to stretch the hamstrings in this 30-minute Hatha-style class. You'll build body awareness and open the back of your legs.

Lovely and relaxing restorative/intro class! Felt really nice on my lower back. ❤️😌
— Cody Member MJ
Simple and golden ✨🧡✨ thank you Elvis 🙏🏼
— Cody Member Sasha Maglaya

This bite-sized, 30-minute hatha-style class teaches you how to build stability and balance in classic hip-opener poses such as warrior two and triangle psoe . You will stretch and bend to create more space in your hips, and learn useful techniques that can be carried with you as your practice grows.